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Grafting eyelash can only a week to make the customer satisfied? The reason here

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Novice when grafting eyelash eyelash teacher grafting, often just finished grafting and senior beauty cilia no difference, all sorts of problems came out after a week. 'Eyelash growth direction is wrong, even the block phenomenon' 'grafting after week eyelash growth, modelling all messed up' 'after grafting soon fall off, eyelash became empty'. 。 。 。 。 。 Novice what wrong did the beautiful eyelash designers, giving test grafting eyelash? In the final analysis is actually grafting was not chosen to really eyelash, each eyelash really has its temper, choose suitable really eyelashes were grafted to present the best effect. The true state of eyelash a eyelash 'life' is about three weeks to four months or so, at the beginning of the life period of time they will experience growth, growth and decline, resting phase. Eyelash growth cycle diagram: and we have a lot of eyelash is eyelash, eyelash is about 100 ~ 150, next eyelash is half on eyelash. So many eyelash their 'age' is not the same, some might have been in the rest period, some may be still in the early growth. Not every 'age' true eyelash can grafting, novice nasociliary teacher is the most frequently encountered problems in spite of the growth cycle of eyelash, all the lashes are alike, grafting, all this will appear all sorts of problems after grafting. Growth at the beginning of true of the early eyelash growth eyelash is divided into two kinds, one kind is not grow in the inside of the hair follicle, the eyelash is very lucky, to be able to escape novice nasociliary teacher 'menace'. Another is just to break through the hair follicle, growing small villi, the novice beautiful eyelash at although we were not in the above grafting, but it easily influenced by side really eyelash, be combined with grafting in. If new beautiful eyelash division is not careful, MAO will be next to these small villi and grafting eyelashes together, small villi and mature true eyelash growth rhythm, easy to pull, finally makes the whole eyelash growth direction is not the same, appear the phenomenon of spinning, affect the overall modelling. Novice so beautiful eyelash trainers are grafted must ensure that the light is enough, can very good let those still in the early growth of small hairs; From itself, the other points when MAO also want to carefully as far as possible, such ability can let them not implicated, make better effect of eyelashes. Growth of true eyelash growth of eyelashes and growth compared to the early has grown a lot. But compared with the eyelash of the recession, the growth of eyelashes or a fine, soft and short, while on the technique is relatively good grafting, but this time the eyelash growth speed faster, grafting after a week will grow, then grafting eyelash hung on the true eyelash cutting-edge position, far from the eyelash root, can cause burden, to really eyelash eyelash damage. So, growth of eyelashes had better not grafting. Recession really eyelash eyelash this period has been relatively stable, length, roughness, roll become warped degrees is basically finalize the design, will not change too much. This period of eyelash is the most suitable for grafting, just trust of grafting on it. Rest period of true rest period of the eyelashes eyelashes length, roughness, roll become warped degrees reached for the degree of grafting, but the period of the eyelash hair follicle has been shrinking, might fall off at any time, is very not suitable for grafting. Experienced the beauty of nasociliary division will do in prophase eyelash to clean, to test the eyelash to clear the eyelash that is about to fall off, by the way. After eyelash also use eyelash comb for eyelash comb, will be quick to drop the eyelash of the take off, so as not to fall after eyelash that customers doubt for grafting. Now you know what kind of eyelash for grafting? Grafting first before cleaning, the resting phase of the eyelashes eyelashes rule out, and then select the long eyelash grafting and to avoid the small hairs in it, so that it can be a very good finish after grafting and avoid many problems.
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