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'Grafting eyelash' not mascara can get results

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
'Grafting eyelash' without mascara also can obtain the dream effect without mascara every day can also obtain a dreamy effect, this is the dream of every woman, finally can be achieved. 'Grafting eyelash' is the method of implementation: to use glue stick their lengths of artificial fiber on every eyelash, such your eyelash becomes thick and long, and the roll become warped. Thick of hope: every eyelash on the fiber 'grafting', so the overall look is very thick. If itself is relatively sparse eyelash, need stick it twice, the second time is the first time in high-grade false eyelash glue again false eyelash, but do not be too demanding thick, it looks lost the sense of reality, and the way of contrast is too strong. Hope long: eyelash itself is very dense can need not too much encryption, as long as every one his own eyelash stick a artificial fiber, choose relatively long fiber can achieve the result of long. Hope roll become warped: used for grafting eyelash to http://qdhongjidingli. Com/artificial fibre can be divided into two kinds of roll become warped radians: natural roll become warped and special roll become warped, if you want choice coils become warped eyelash can look very become warped in advance arc a lot of artificial fibers.
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