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Grafting eyelashes have recently ignition

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
Their 'no need painting the winding line, too weak, false eyelash eyelash to cream can also be goodbye? 'Such a show off in an ostentatious manner a paragraph with a eye feature self-time, clearly did not make up, but the whole people look healthy and energetic, especially a pair of eyes. Girl small excellent said after 85, the secret is grafted eyelashes. Let's appreciate the unique charm of grafting eyelash. Like mushrooms, grafting eyelash fire up in the streets of hangzhou recently, whether nail salons, and barber shop, will be grafted eyelashes as a new project in hard. Inexpensive, the effect is obvious grafting recently very fire beautiful eyelash eyelash store the more open the more you have to make a reservation by eyelash from popular last year, this year is crazy. 'Last year I met more girlfriends so secret weapon for many years, at first we also try very hard to discuss, in this year, have become a beautiful girl smiling without a word between tips. 'Said grafting eyelash users, compared with traditional cost thousands of every kind of eyelash, the grafting technology is by putting a false eyelash eyelash root stick so that the original on the true eyelash eyelash becomes longer and become warped. Grafting eyelash first step heel stick almost false eyelash, first choose the suitable for your eyelash style. 'Color, roll become warped eyelash, the thickness and the number can choose according to individual be fond of. Of course related to conditions of eyelash itself. 'Said solution from teacher, early adopters tend to choose more natural radian and become warped degrees, others choose eye end eyelash down recently, build prolapse makeup, so look delicate and touching. Heavy taste can choose longer and become warped a barbie doll. Then, grafting began. Good beauty bed, close your eyes, by the cilia 'mercy'. Is simply to use tweezers manual will be selected before their false eyelash glue to true eyelash, because not stick to the roots and not so comfortable. The whole process lasts about one hour, sometimes may fall asleep. It is understood that eyelash grafting can keep at least one month. Willing to reveal, 'addiction' even more and more guests, grafting eyelash how hot now? A beautiful eyelash lovers said the temporary door is basically can't do it, have a day or two to make an appointment in advance. And one thousand met little holiday, but ahead of time, or even a week are common. Apart from some beautiful eyelash chain brand, the sense of smell sensitive corner store has always focused on by the wave of popular, 'hairdressing salon, even the door have posted 'grafting eyelashes in the door a few eye-catching characters, let alone a full avenue of nail salons. 'On the road around a circle, the tide distribution center wulin road, near the wulin square business circle of the bridge, lion, tiger bridge road and other natural is beautiful eyelash shop in hangzhou and in addition, including jianguo, along the west of the city square, even together just north of Germany wins the road opened several new, there are some shops in the shopping center open, estimates now hangzhou around half of nail salons were out of the grafting eyelash expansion. Spend less rapid effect a false eyelash eyelash beauty lovers, after 1 month eyelash falls off gradually, if did not go, always feel embarrassed to see people. 'Fortunately, now buys a lot of, the price also is reasonable. 'The beautiful eyelash lovers calculated brushstroke zhang, in general, the price of group-buying fronted on yuan, but because of group buying for the first time to store the guest use only commonly, so even if judged experience around, a year down, eyelash also spent 2000 multivariate. 'Before my mascara, eyeliner, buy buy mascara, eyeliner, eye light, such as one year at least also have to consume more than 2000 yuan in hangzhou tower. And not every girl is good at 'false eyelashes, eyeliner, still have to be painted eye makeup, makeup unloading time cost, can save time to sleep now, no exaggeration to say that work efficiency is high. 'Said the beautiful eyelash enthusiasts, grafting eyelash addictive. 'In some degree, compared with high-grade products and luxury cars, grafting eyelashes and lipstick are cheap and efficient products, selling this type of product, reflected the trend of low-price products favored. 'The personage inside course of study such analysis. Have a 'lipstick effect' in economics, the concept of meaning, the economic environment is not so good, the more women to get proud self-confidence first hold out a bosom, so every time when the economic downturn, lipstick sales will increase, because the lipstick as a 'cheap' cosmetics, can play the role of a comfort to consumers. For the expensive consumer goods, because not necessaries of life, in the economic downturn, this kind of product sales will drop. Grafting eyelash with lipstick is similar, the price is low, but it has a strong modification, beautification function, can bring satisfaction to women. Another explanation is that when the working class income decreases, no money to buy a house, a car, but the chance to add some new makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. , so the makeup more draw more diverse, the high heels through higher. However, anything 'addiction' is not a very good thing. Beauty is beauty, but in an interview, there are beautiful eyelash division reminds, wait for a period of time let eyelash 'rest'. In addition, if the source of the product is easy to cause allergic eye infection.
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