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Have you ever seen such a Mary Sue false eyelashes? Take you to a novelty!

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
This strange false eyelashes you have seen? Is a Mary Sue: well, exactly have a familiar feeling? Fairy tales are true, the princess fairy is the eyelash. And corresponding modelling looks something like this: this: or it ~ very catch horse ( 戏剧) Sense, cent cent Zhong Lian thought of 'the Versailles roses' sanctuary angels, such as, anyhow is a very popular takarazuka ~ this opera is falling in love with cosplay see at a glance, and think I can have the chance to who see, think of this series brand name be false eyelash pomelo season, is an artist design and manufacture of false eyelash, style is gorgeous, style is dream is Mary Sue, looked like works of art to the false eyelash artists do roughly the false eyelash style, besides very gothic wind, she has a particular insect wings: especially like butterfly ~ to the butterfly, I remembered when I was a child have seen a cartoon named 'little annoying' is coming, I don't know who you have seen ~ she also love plant system: write the wisteria good good-looking! Also have ziyang flowers so Mary Sue false eyelashes, whether some enchanted, but must not wear our daily lives, we produce high quality fake eyelashes, or buy a beautiful quiet little fairy.
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