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High attention after false eyelash grafting

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
1. Attention within 24 hours of high-grade false eyelash eyelash grafting hou within 6 hours, please avoid washs a face, bathing; 24 hours declined to sauna, hot yoga, swimming and so on high temperature and high humidity environment. After special beautiful eyelash glue grafting, although seems to have dried, but actually not completely cured. Make the eyelash falls off easily touch water at this time, also may make the glue. 2. When washing a face of the note 1. 2 it is prohibited to use oily skin cleaning products. When washing a face, don't give lashes burden caused by 3. When the shower don't directly to the four eyes. After washing a face should be started gently press the upper eyelids and wipe off water 3. Skin care considerations when rest with another make-up, should be paid attention to in the near eyelash pat. Because of fiber may hook to the eyelash. Can use fingers near the eyes. If it is attached to the eyelash containing fat emulsion or cream, with wet, cotton swab wiped gently. If you choose some devotion to grafting eyelash root number, regardless of beauty in eye skin solution from the brand, is likely to hurt your eye skin and eye even. 4. Note 1 of makeup. When using the eyeliner, if choose turned or eyeliner, friction eyelash root, cause burden, easy to fall off. 2. Are attached to the eyelashes or pink eye shadow, the application of wet towel to wipe the 3. It is best not to use mascara 4. Try not to use eyelash clip 5. To note don't lying down when sleeping! Against the pillow, lying down to sleep or eyelash long oppression will make eyelash deformation. May break or fall off, it is suggested that as far as possible to sleep on your back. 6. Fall off when the note after grafting eyelash falls off half, the rest of the poor eyelash modelling, this time don't removed his pulling. Forcibly removed will damage the native eyelash, must find the solution from professional unloading.
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