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How can you have a good look

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Makeup # zhu ā ng 【 Paraphrase 】 1) dress; Adornment: | jewelry | dress and makeup. (2) the adornment of the women's body; The adornment of the actor: red makeup | discharge makeup. Volume # rong 【 Paraphrase 】 1) expression; Appearance: smile | | radiant appearance. (5), state: |, city appearance. Refers to the human body through some makeup look is dressed up modified form the external form of expression; From the word 'makeup' and 'capacity' to separate can be understood as highlighted by dress adornment of human expression, status or scene, effect. From the perspective of the makeup facial and integral attire. The classification method of makeup look very much, you can take time, regional culture, make-up to distinguish. Tips for editing a lot of women make up, I knew blindly bepowder bottom, get facial contours are no stereo feeling, like a mask to live. Although the outline of Oriental not westerners deep, but now the use of light and shadow powder can make you '' exquisite float protruding. Face even in winter, T and zygomatic position sensitive dry, dull and peeling phenomenon without exercise, can make use of light and shadow powder all get everything right, make skin smooth! Eye shadow bulk include the margin powder and one's eyes bright cream professional makeup look? How to build professional makeup tips 1. In finishing light color eye shadow powder, 2 upper eyelid. Then with brunet eye shadow in from outside to inside of the eyelids, and the next palpebral eyelash on site build halo 3 monochromatic effect. Will be super bright cream careful finishing school in eyelids close parts of the eyebrows shadows: cooperate to use light to decorate, can make skin builds a burnish feeling on the vision, to become more clear. Lasting bright: if is more durable, light and shadow paste light absolutely meet your needs, such as using during dinner, can avoid more often makeup of worry, time-saving and convenient! Fix eyes eyes easily edit Oriental puffiness, bubble to see no spirit. Actually not difficult using eye makeup detumescence. If you want to add the charm of eyes, slightly with pearl eye shadow, can be used. If you want to increase the brightness of the eyes, can under the eyebrow peak also daub on some. If your eyes look a bit prolapse, focus on the eyes! The position of the eye end as it is not easy to keep clean let people find drooping eyes. Choose brunet eye shadow, eye shadow brush, in the form of elliptical but don't brush to eye end, along with eye head parallel to a stop, the balance of the residual powder slightly toward the direction of the temple again dizzy catch the past. Then, the eyeliner look line onto the eye about two-thirds, eyeliner painting under 1/2, also is to strengthen the visual perception of eye head; Next eyelid tail triangle can use a light concealer or powder a little brighter. To brush up and mascara, remember not to brush the eyelash, is completed.
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