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How do you use segregation frost

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
Because my work need often at the computer, and the skin also is very poor, so I need to repair by segregation frost. Product characteristics of segregation frost is non-trace block defect, safety allergy, nourishing repair, use it, share any use of skin, especially with the appearance of fine lines, freckles and pore bulky friends use. Here, I'll give you specific introduction of segregation frost, and the segregation frost to use some tips. A segregation frost, need a crowd: 11 often surf the Internet or friend who works at the computer all day, need segregation frost to help resist radiation. You need a 2 color difference to get good complexion. You need a 3 date, close intimate contact with him. 4 travel out no worries you need uv protection. You need to cover tired after 5 to stay up late. END the use of the two, segregation frost: 21 in normal skin care program ( The cleansing - — Make up water - — The emulsion - — Cream) After, apply adequate amount of segregation frost in the back of hand. 2 with finger pulp or powder puff diamond edge dab hand of segregation frost. 3 with finger pulp or powder puff segregation frost daub on face, respectively, of five parts, namely, forehead, nose, chin, cheeks. 4 the segregation frost with finger pulp or powder puff from inside to outside, it is important to evenly apply all over face, until fully absorbed. END three, discern the stand or fall of segregation frost 31 product quality: analysis the stand or fall of segregation frost, to analysis the product from the product quality of a material, including smell, viscosity, color, etc. Good segregation frost suitable viscosity, thin, fragrance is pure and fresh and natural, natural color of skin. Quality of a material is bad segregation frost is relatively thin, light, like the emulsion, massiness, aroma pure and fresh, light, cool color to move. 2 equal amounts products of the same strength ductility pushed products away, away after the line color and length. Colour and lustre, extension lines long straight that is easy to push effect is better. 3 clean degree on the oil absorption into segregation frost, place 10 minutes and placed after 30 minutes, segregation frost is oily. Relaxed and high degree of segregation frost oil effect is not obvious, relaxed and low degree of segregation frost oil effect is obvious. END, use result: 4 segregation frost is not necessarily a big brand of good, there are many on the market price is not expensive, high cost performance of segregation frost, the segregation frost is not inferior to the big brands. Good segregation frost to use not greasy, but also can be waterproof, do not take off makeup. Good segregation frost is very good, very good ductility, whitening, natural, 1 minutes to fix. Good segregation frost is very pressed, moist degree is high, can help us to solve big black rim of the eye skin, dark heavy, and the size of the eyes, eyes, etc. END note warm prompt: the amount of segregation frost can be set according to want white degree, the amount will appear natural less, quantities will be more fair. In addition, doing enough of a complete set of basic nursing, cleansing, toning and moisturizing facial mask, after lotion/cream, the skin will become more water embellish, on the basis of such skin care use segregation frost, skin peeling: definitely not. Also can remove 1 - a week Two horny, so that we can promote the absorption of products better.
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