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How false eyelash stick nature

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
For a false eyelash makeup look to have the effect that make the finishing point, but many of the children's shoes are less likely to stick eyelash, some trouble and have to give up, even small make up here, just want to say, if you don't stick a false eyelash, then you won't be perfect makeup look, let's take a look at how false eyelash stick by conspicuous tail local false eyelashes ( According to the length of the eye pruned length) 。 Using the method to choose the middle one is the eyelash long circular arc form, then it ends of according to the length of the eye end to prune. A false eyelash can be used for the eyes! ( Will throw away) in the middle of On the market are selling this convenient wearing eye end eyelash, just according to choose their favorite style. 1. Draw 2 eye makeup. Adhesive glue on the piece of glue, the glue evenly daub the false eyelash root. 3. Stick to eye end gently stick on eye end really eyelashes, false eyelash stick then look in the mirror and see if it is ok here, and then to fixed. Should be false eyelash long side near the eye end. 4. Do only emphasize the feeling of eye end eyes will look very natural, occasionally have a cool feeling. Steps to strengthen to strengthen: bunchy false eyelash, make your eyelash natural increase. Usage says bunchy false eyelash, can increase the density and length, etc all kinds of types. 1. First draw good makeup 2. Stick on special glue due to the false eyelash daub area is small, so please select a tube of glue. 3. In his eyelashes thick no place to fill with small clips a small bunch of false eyelash tweezers, after its roots coated with glue stick in his lashes. In the mirror will be thick enough place to fill. 4. Complete natural thick wear false eyelash method, you can also try oh. If in the middle of the eye increase eyelash, can make your eyes look round and big.
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