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How false eyelash stick? Novice must understand fashion tips!

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
你好! Everybody is good! To say what colour makeup is the greatest invention in the world? That's false eyelashes! It is reported that as early as in ancient Egypt, human invented false eyelashes, cleopatra, Cleveland and OTT pull vii is false eyelash lovers! Enter the modern, false eyelash more widely applied in cosmetics, it to become big eyes, improve eye charm, having the effect that cannot ignore. For girls now, almost all tried false eyelashes, but hate the false eyelash girls, with like the fairy of false eyelash, should be the same! Because to take false eyelashes, really is not easy! To put good false eyelashes, the first step is to understand their own eye type and the type of false eyelashes, such as some small fairy eye type, is everyone admires European double-fold eyelid, so choose to compare exaggerated false eyelash is more appropriate! But some fairies are single-edged eyelid, so like in Europe and the United States makeup long curly false eyelash is not right! According to the model to distinguish, false eyelash also can be divided into roughly 99 #, 112 #, 216 #, 218 #, etc. In addition, according to the application type, there are dolls eyelashes, film and television eyelash eyelash, simulation, personality eyelash several kinds of classification. In addition to the style, but also see the stalks of false eyelash, the stalks of false eyelash generally three points line, cotton thread, and plastic. Among them, the cotton stalks is more soft, joint is not firm eyelid, but weakness is tore easily bend, repeat utilization rate is not high! Line terrier is makeup feeling is very good, can according to the eye, use scissors to cut out the right length, calm makeup effect is better, but the disadvantage is that easy to become warped, over a period of time, a lot of small fairy will find eyelash falls off. Plastic terrier is more hard, calm makeup effect is cotton, and the line is better, because can hold up their eyelids, but it is difficult to discharge makeup, if do not have method, extremely easy to pull off the eyelashes or hurt them! Saying: how to choose the appropriate type of false eyelash, and then we began to learn the correct false eyelashes on the steps of: 1, ready to tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue and small clip. 2, after the clip your eyelash, first to see if false eyelash length with his eyes appropriate length. If it is too long, you may need to trim, generally speaking, the tail is long, cut from the end of the most appropriate, but must pay attention to the two pieces of false eyelash clip symmetry. 3, before the eyelash glue, it is best to be a false eyelash massage, make it more soft, it can also adjust the crimpness for eyes. 4, pay attention to the eyelash glue, eye head and eye end want to apply more, because the two position is the most easy to cock. This time, the small clip can play a very good effect, it can be used to adjust the eyelash, first began in the middle, and then slowly adjust the eye end head and eyes. 5, the most crucial step, that is posted after the false eyelashes, it is better to use eyeliner to fill the blank, because sometimes it is not easy to dry, glue can present white, looks strange. 6, to stick the look line, the key is to distinguish between both sides, in contrast to go up eyelash, next eyelash is drooping down, just put the front. In addition, on the eyelash, time not wait for a long time, after a few seconds can stick. On the tip of false eyelash, you learned? Practice makes perfect, who says not makeup of fairies, be sure to try a lot oh, no matter how powerful beauty makeup blogger, they are also starting make up a small white, only slowly try, can continuously grope for a makeup look is most suitable for their own!
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