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How little eye pupil on false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
Single-edged eyelid turnaround can always see the eyes painted 'a mass of black girls, actually such didn't catch the key point of eye makeup. Then draw the main points of the eye shadow? The answer is: the administrative levels. Folds girls pay particular attention to this. Eye shadow choose fastens with color eye shadow colour with homologous for good, rich color eye shadow will weaken the eye image. Don't choose the pale pinkish purple, light purple, light blue eye shadow, they can accentuate the eye outside convex feeling. Dark gray and the color is the safest option. If you belong to the eyelid thinner narrow or folds girls, you can use the light color eye shadow ( Such as white or silver) To increase eye stereo feeling. Good coincidence with eye shadow effect, some say eyeliner, god can let an eye look bigger and more of the same, it is not suitable for everyone, especially the eyeliner. Sometimes not only looks smaller, but also dirty. So usually just in the eye end a dash of brunet eye shadow, let an eye up seems to raise and easy to achieve the effect of eye bright god. Increases slightly thick eyeliner is good folds eyes is the most effective tools for slightly thick eyeliner and thick coils become warped eyelash. Try liquid eyeliner or lead soft, described eyeliner from the eyelash root, deep partial thick lines can make eyes widened. Must use eyelash curler before mascara, must use eyelash clip first, since the root ministry of eyelash clip. Mascara with 'Z' form in the root ministry of eyelash transverse repeatedly daub, brush again eyelash, this can make root times show thick. In order to increase the radian of roll become warped eyelash, besmear eyelash clip once before, after besmear eyelash clip again, eyelash can volumes. 'The best' zhang eye method -- — Don't say folds girls, false eyelash is false eyelash double-fold eyelid girl every essential makeup is tasted. Whatever the daily makeup look is it too far, this change is progress. Using false eyelashes reveal double-fold eyelid, this approach is most suited to eyelid thicker. The effect of natural beauty. Eyelash 1 on the stick, first in black eyeliner pencil on a line. 2, put the false eyelash line position, measure the length of the need, namely the eye head to eye end length, don't be greedy. 3, then cut off false eyelash end spare parts. 4, and then coated with glue, a lot of eyelash glue esau's head design, if the scan head design, can use toothpick coated, because it is not easy to touch too much, the head and tail can apply a little more. 5 and the clamps to use eyelash eyelash, will close to the false eyelash is really the root ministry of eyelash. By eye head start sticking, gently hold the lasts for about 5 seconds to let it go; Then stick to gradually to eye end, eye end to hold the same lasts for 5 seconds. 6, the glue dry after appearing, besmear eyelash fluid, the true and false eyelash stick together. Billion since the super glued double liner glue chanel professional eyelash clip charm can be made to flatter the eyelash series big viscosity, false eyelash fluid can be naturally formed after dry 'double eyelid' traces. Editors use feeling: difficult to operate, need experience accumulated. More careful balance, their eyes closed not complete, it will be very like are all examples of failure. Most of the glue can't run into water, easy to become a white one, can lead to paste makeup look, but can stick false eyelashes! Stick bottom eyelash 1, choose lower false eyelash with cellophane tape edge is the best. First with your fingertips or two clamps false eyelashes, buckling, back and forth around the new softening, false eyelash stick on effect only after the nature, and easier to stick on. 2, measure the length, cut off the tail eyelash spare parts. 3, besmear eyelash glue. If not be careful besmear too much glue, can wipe away excess with cotton sticks.
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