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How to become the most natural bright eye artifact false eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
The eyes are the window to the soul, want to be the beauty that looks at to bright eye be apt to, in addition to maintain good eye skin, also in the most suitable method of eye makeup. False eyelash is a lot of girls at the time of draw eye makeup without, but if do not have good post false eyelash method, not only can give a person the sense with exaggeration, also false eyelash falls off the embarrassment of risk. How to make false eyelash perfect bright eye artifact? STEP1: before remove the false eyelash, will they clean and dry. Take the action of false eyelash must gently. STEP2: will gently bending false eyelash, make radian closer eye shape, more soft. STEP3: try wearing false eyelashes on eyes, find false eyelashes and the most suitable radian between the eyes. If false eyelash is too long, can according to appropriate eye cut short. STEP4: apply the right amount of glue to the false eyelashes. STEP5: gently blowing glue to a dry condition. STEP6: starting from the middle position paste false eyelash. STEP7: with clip eyelash clip will eye head of false eyelash stick well. STEP8: same with adjust the radian of eye end of false eyelash clip. STEP9: with your fingers gently press the false eyelash root, make false eyelash more firmly. STEP10: use eyelash comb will be true and false eyelash comb together. STEP11: use a pencil to fill gaps in the eyelash root, make of false eyelash stick mark disappear without a trace. Nature of false eyelash, make you a bright eye big beauty.
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