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How to build dream doll with big eyes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Specific steps brother step: eyebrows, with eyebrow pencil box out of camber, first baby styles of makeup look, can need not too thick eyebrows, but need to be a special reduction of age of eyebrow. Step 2: then fill the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil, pay attention to brow shallow, eyebrow end deep. Drawing eyebrows when first not, filling, eyebrow and after the eyebrow end with spiral brush to brush brows, natural transition. Step 3: eye shadow, touch with finger point to an abdomen of bead light cream-colored eye take, large area covered with the lid, the eye also want to. As the eye base. Step 4: pearl light purple eye shadow with small eye shadow brush dab, besmear in the eye end. Step 5: red brown eye shadow with the brush dab, besmear is in the eye end up and down, and pearl light purple natural transition. Step 6: the location of the liquid eyeliner pen besmear next eyelid, carry bright lying silkworm. Step 7: eyeliner, draw a smooth eyeliner, eye end can spin some, slightly upward. Step 8: eyelash cut points three sections on the eye end position, pay attention to the parts. After good eyelash brush, with clusters of long false eyelash. Step 9: dab with the brush in the purple area light color picture, color, nose mount specular paint in the white areas. Step 10: in below the eye, cheek is red brush with heavy color can be heavy, cheek is red in stand by the position of the eye end to affix sequins or diamonds. Step 11: the gradient effect of lip, pale pink lip gloss superimposed on the lips, mainly apply in lip middle position.
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