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How to build natural makeup false eyelashes Korea drawing tutorial to teach you

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
Korean makeup painting there is a very important point is the false eyelash, Korean makeup painting pictures how can get false eyelashes, less learn how false eyelash can really make the eye has increase effect, but also very fragile, false eyelash to be very careful when used in paste, take a look at Korea makeup drawing diagrams of how the false eyelash glue. How to build natural makeup false eyelashes Korea drawing tutorial to teach you Korean makeup painting the inside of the false eyelash is very important, choose my work before makeup is also very important, must choose suits own false eyelashes, false eyelashes phyletic and various, only for you is the best, can choose good after formally began. A first step the eyelash clip a radian, with 3 duan shiga laws in order to avoid and the radian of false eyelash cannot merge, paste difficult or false eyelash falls off problem. Clip is less than the details of the part can use the small local special eyelash clip. Remove selected false eyelash carefully with forceps in step 2. The false eyelash with better quality, can use repeatedly for many times. Slightly cheap false eyelash quality of a material is rough, but effect is quite natural, repeated use of 2 - at most 3 times. Step three hands holding the two end of false eyelash carefully, bend a radian repeatedly, withy false eyelash, make it better and their own eyelash glue, at the same time also can reduce the false eyelash paste is difficult. Step 4 the majority of people in the makeup will let nose in front of the mirror, think that the nearer the mirror see of, right? Actually such in false eyelash is not very good to see the whole effect of paste! So, put the looking glass in face of the following is the right choice, so you can see the best view of the whole eyelash, and then on the labeled as you can, whether the specific post is beautiful beautiful, this requires everyone paste technique, and more practice. Don't bother, good practice, put up a big beautiful eyes.
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