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How to choose suits own false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Men have long eyelashes more loving woman, let a woman good popularity increases. Choose false eyelashes, however, is a science, otherwise it will feel very uncomfortable. For false eyelashes which should pay attention to the choice of method, material is very important. Are made of high quality natural hair false eyelashes, like really eyelashes. What good method/gloss step 1: false eyelash colour and lustre is light, smooth, not dull, is the characteristic of high quality fake eyelashes. 2 hardness: excellent material, can bring a lot of pressure to the eyelids, and wear, looks very fake, not natural. Too soft false eyelashes, and is not upright, roll become warped degrees will be less. Right, hand gently knead up with soft feeling, true eyelash slightly harder than you. 3 warpage degrees: ok will naturally become warped, false eyelash growth curve similar to those of the eyelashes, flat in false eyelash wear up will feel stiff, there would be no aesthetic feeling. Practicability: if you want to at the party, choose exaggerated false eyelashes, like set diamond, the eyelash of the plume, colour is gorgeous, etc. However, friends, lovers dating, don't be so dramatic, can let a person like that don't adapt. 5 eyelash glue: it is very important, seen a 30 year old woman, is very beautiful, but she has been to buy cheap false eyelash glue, now her eyelashes badly damaged skin, often have inflammation. So be sure to buy big brand of glue, and is not expensive, 100 yuan of less than, definitely choose that the quality is very good eyelash glue.
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