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How to correct eye massage

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Methods/step 1 dab a little eye cream, with middle finger and ring finger and then to corner as a starting point, from the middle began to draw a circle of the lateral. Eyelid skin is very thin, and easy to wrinkle, so want to gently massage is the key to a direction. Forcibly 2 with middle finger and ring finger hold the temple, and then draw a circle to massage. Vigorously to temple massages to quickly remove up gas, to restore the eyes clear and bright. The friends often use eye fatigue at work, can effectively remove fatigue. 3 under the chin dynasty, the middle finger and ring finger point to his son under the eyebrow bone, tu check again pull up your eyelid. 4 close your eyes, and four fingers hold the eyes, with the thumb and then to wave according to the eye. With moderate strength by rubbing your eyes, you can quickly effectively relieve eye fatigue. According to knead eye will feel a little bit of pain at the same time also is very normal. END note right eye massage technique can make the eye skin age, heart diet is also a woman, also know that women are like beauty, would rather eat less there are beauty spots to dress themselves, said an exaggeration, ha ha, the eye massage, everyone can insist to do it, believe that will have good results.
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