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How to correctly face after grafting eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
With the popularity of grafting eyelash, more and more people have abandoned the false eyelash and mascara. Look line also need not draw a bottom out at ordinary times, jiongjiongweishen eyes. But some 'fragile', grafting eyelash and take extra care, otherwise will with his false eyelash eyelash 'mutually assured destruction'! Today is to introduce the grafting eyelash after most of the correct way to do it. 1. Proper cleansing and longed for, or cleansing milk to palm. ( Cleanser to rub out the bubbles) 2. Will foam evenly on face ( To avoid the eyelashes) , clean facial ministry with massage way. 3. Use water to remove face cleaning products. 4. Used wash a face, facial cleaning cloth or sponge surface excess water wipe clean paper will face. ( Eye, please press the way, don't rub way) 5. Wipe the facial care products. ( Please avoid the eyelashes oily maintain article and eye frost) 6. Eyelash, still beautiful.
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