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How to correctly in addition to unload the false false eyelash eyelash method

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
A to discharge makeup tools are ready, the tool ready to start after discharge makeup. Step 1: touch with cotton swabs to take the right amount of discharge makeup oil, then gently to the false eyelash root position. Note: technique must as far as possible put soft oh, don't too hard when discharge makeup. Step 2: keep it after a period of time the false eyelash will automatically fall off, mm people never worried the false eyelash directly to pull down. Note: inconvenient not only produces pain, hurt the skin around the eyes, but in the long run eyelids will certainly become loose. Step 3: after a period of time he fell down his false eyelash. Must have enough patience, so remove false eyelash can rid of even the eyelashes glue together? Step 4: look at the unloaded false eyelashes, thoroughly remove the dope. Step 5: so this is how to unload the false eyelash, clean up after unloading, neatly into the box, the next time can also be used. Note: do not stick powder eye shadow, eyelash fluid into the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain, damage the false eyelash. Step 6: get false eyelash after take a clean cotton pad, pour the right amount of discharge makeup oil on a cotton pad, and then put the make up cotton apply on the eyes, gestures when apply after 5 seconds with a cotton pad on the outward soft belt, can discharge makeup look more clean? Discharging false eyelashes? Actually very simple, also must learn to use discharge makeup oil discharge false eyelashes, inconvenient will not only hurt the skin around the eyes, but also the discharge is unclean!
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