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How to distinguish between the curvature of the grafting eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
The curvature of the grafting eyelash have to distinguish? The answer is yes, curvature into J, B, C, D, DD, M, L, L +, U wait for a variety of curvature. Now focus on three most mainstream grafting eyelash curvature, J, B, C, respectively. J: most close to the real eyelash curvature, naturally, can prolong their eyelashes length, suitable for long and don't want to eyelash often makeup girl. B: there is obvious camber, as one of the most popular curvature, let the eyes more bright, suitable for the girls want to have a magic eye. C: very become warped curvature, the false eyelash makeup feeling is outstanding, suit to exaggerate roll become warped or stage makeup feeling of the girl. Read the above content will become at ease a lot? Eyelash is really a wonderful experience, natural, long, roll become warped and effect with root trenchant root, it will satisfy all of the LIDS to imagine. But its charm not only that, in the face of every important yet too late moment, as long as there is in it, even without makeup can also make you look so beautiful beautiful.
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