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How to eliminate pouch

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
We found the cause of eye bags, so we how to eliminate? Look down 1. Natural type pouch main reason: gene is so so, born within the lower eyelid fat hypertrophy, who also can't say what. How to improve: do pouch operation as far as possible the sooner the better, so that after the removal of fat skin won't be too relaxed, as for the recurrence of concern, because the number of fat cells in the adult body is fixed, not, only can expand or narrow, so as long as pay attention to eye skin care, basically no problem. Have cut inside and outside two are common, mild eye bags and rejuvenating skin can choose to cut inside, to restore it for just three days, and most of the plastic surgeon or feel 'circumscribed method' is a perfect method to solve the problem of all bags, although seemingly surgery is bigger, but also can remove the basic, a week later returned to normal appearance. To remove the wound to avoid to touch water, before other parts of choosing free liquid surface clean face. 2. Puffy type main cause: if your skin is too much water. Taste too much dinner, stay up late, drinking lots of water before sleeping, smoking, excessive use of eye cream, until two in the morning the cocktail party, etc. , these can make water retention in the body. Thinner than other skin of the face and eyelid skin, when the eye blood circulation suffocate suffocate, cell metabolism waste toxins formed by obstacles between eye deposition, pouch is formed. How to improve: when bedtime drink less, and the pillow mat is high, appropriate for easy to accumulate in the moisture of palpebral ministry spread through blood circulation. It was not appropriate to eat more carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, liver, beans and other food containing rich vitamin, balanced nutrition structure in the body. Does appear in the morning of the pouch will usually disappear before lunch, if you want to speed up disappear, can try to use frozen eye mask, tea bags, soaked in cold water or cucumber slices on the eye for 5 minutes. Cold causes vasoconstriction, reducing water, many eye cream in the water, chamomile, licorice extract, green tea and cucumber ingredients will also help improve pouch. Does not excessive use eye cream, eye cream or apply eye mask of bone around the eye gently massage will improve the overall effect, because the pressure can stimulate blood circulation, faster line of excess moisture. 3. Aging relaxation type pouch main reason: because of aging and genetic reason makes the muscles around the eye, let eyeball to fall off, the oppression to the eye is lower in fat, fat cause forward outstanding, on the vision will see next eyelid bulging parts. How to improve: when is the key to fight against gravity, you need to use with lifting effect of eye tight essence and eye cream to improve the old type. And in the bag before using such firming eye, also can delay the coming of the flaccid eye bags. Have put on some soft moist cream or oil, with their fingers upward struck parts of the face, paying special attention to weak skin around the eyes on the tap. At ordinary times should avoid to pull down eyelid or its excessive extend outward. Does diet attention often eat some colloid, high quality protein, animal liver and food, such as tomatoes, potatoes, pay attention to a balanced diet, can organize for this place cells of newborn with necessary nutrients, is also effective to eliminate the pouch. When also can use papaya add peppermint soak in hot water to make tea, cool often after coating on the skin. Papaya tea not only can alleviate eye fatigue, but also reduce the pouch. When discharge makeup to tender, if discharge makeup is too strong, often pulling down eyelid, it is possible to lead to eye skin flabby, early formed drooping eye bags. Right way is to use eye make-up remover, of moderate thoroughly discharge makeup cotton. In addition, at ordinary times wear glasses or draw look line, should be as little as possible to pull under the eyelids, they don't care little affectations, is very easy to cause the edge. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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