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How to prevent bask in summer? Women of sunscreens little knowledge

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Summer, hot DuRi, uv radiation is strong, and how to handle delicate white skin, women wanting a sunscreen every year, but the effect is not good, is prevented bask in a product is not good enough, or a lack of awareness of people to prevent bask in summer? Women actually want to skin fair-skinneds in vain from the torture of sunshine, to grasp the complete tradition with concept, away from the wrong. Tools/raw material sun hat methods/steps/umbrella sunscreen timing out: effective prevention method is to avoid the day from 11 am to 2 PM in the time of uv strong go out, a small amount of exposure to the sun is slowly there will be no danger of sunburn, especially around the age of 25 women and their metabolism has become slow, prone to brown spots, freckles, prone to fine wrinkles of exposed skin, should avoid direct exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Physical block: a wide brim sun hat, uv protection umbrella, sunglasses these are sunscreen gens essentials, if you used to travel by bike, so also need to prepare sun hat and sunshade, some female friends like to use white shawl can cover bare arm, shoulder, prevent direct sunlight for a long period of time, drivers should choose to have uv protection in areas such as the solar film on the window, at the same time in the car to prepare long sleeve shirt, can block from one side to the sun, still can not be air conditioning blows straight, arms and shoulders ache. Need sunscreen, sunscreen is 'hardworking', because the sunscreen has its own effective time limit, the other under the influence of sweat it cannot stay too long in the skin, so no matter how thick is the coating, effect will be weakened over a period of time, if you intend to stay in foreign families for long time, it must be hardworking, fill the sunscreen, wipe off the body moisture and sweat before coating. Sunburnt repair: if you accidentally get sunburned skin, skin redness occurs, also don't try so hard, the suggested that water has a calming effect apply to face, can make up water in the fridge to cool first, ice compress effect, give the skin a feeling of cool. If you feel your skin hot pain that your skin is close to severe burns, remedial method is to ice compress, put ice in the area or dip in with cotton gauze in ice water to apply the position, make skin feel cold, pay attention to in this case the skin do not perform other maintenance within two weeks, so had been applied, after a period of time of sunburn skin may be peeling, never use at this time should be stripped of the mask, want to go to the hospital dermatologist for a doctor to help deal with. END note before buy sunscreen to do a skin test accurately, oily skin suggested choose penetration strong water-based sunscreen, dry skin well advised to choose a frosty prevent bask in things, neuter skin generally has no strict rules, and emulsion sunscreen is suitable for all kinds of skin. Different sunscreen to apply to different people, some people will be allergic to sunscreen, so before buying a brand of sunscreen, in his own inner wrist first try, 10 minutes if there is a phenomenon such as skin redness, swelling, pain, itching, show yourself to the brand of sunscreen allergies, suggest that can use less than the SPF a multiple products, if you have this kind of reaction, can consider to give up to use the brand of sunscreen.
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