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How to put false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
A, measured the length can begin with glue. Need not besmear too much, if not controlled, can use cotton buds dipped in glue, besmear again on the base of the false eyelash. Volume control is probably so good false eyelash glue coating that is enough, can put up very fast very fast, and it is easy to clean up when dry. Can be appropriate in eye head, adding more quantity to reinforce eye end. If besmear too much on eyelids will overflow to the next, and eyelash. After good glue coating, don't immediately to the eyelids. But to blow 10 ~ 15 seconds, make glue half dry state, this time posted on glue viscosity is big. Second, this article is the whole stick about posture: 1. Eye look down, show the entire eyelid. 2. The point of view of false eyelash stick to slightly tilted up, don't well. Taiping posted not good-looking. There is a very important is that of false eyelash stick as close to own really eyelashes, look more realistic. So, stick to have like put false eyelashes to the eyelid and eyelashes border part of the same feeling, have a check from down to up to your feelings can stick false eyelash is near own really eyelashes. ( This is just a feeling, is not really the fort to go inside, you enjoy the ha ~ ~) The official start of the three, stick a step: with flat tweezers grip the false eyelash near the roots in the middle. Visual inspection, the outside of the false eyelash on the outer corner. Then aim at the middle point, a glue will go up. Stick on the eyelids, true eyelash above ( Don't put the real lashes, because it is posted not firm) 。 Have to leave the closer your eyelash more realistic. Four, this time the whole article is false eyelash basic stick up, but also is not very fast. May is still a bit of a gap in the middle of the place. Can use one finger to gently push the whole false eyelash, make base and eyelid fully fit. Such false eyelash stick good ~ ~ ( After the whole article posted soon, proficient about 2 ~ 3 minutes to stick two eyes are good) http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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