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How to quickly lose belly

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
A lot of office worker is sitting all day, and neglect movement, the lower abdomen and belly of proud flesh will pile up, here are fat because of the distance from the heart, and easy to be mobilized out into the blood circulation, is worthy of the name of 'confidant'. Small make up now will give you a good introduction to some of the ways to reduce stomach effective, help discharge hoarding in the belly of the waste and excess sebum, and promote the waist adipose decompose, fast thin waist. Methods/step every day, take a deep breath: a day on an empty stomach, stand, relax the whole body, prolapse of both hands nature. Feet apart and shoulder are the same as wide, deep breathing: inhale the abdomen, then also is to use your abdomen rather than girls own breathing, chest for three seconds, then exhale the belly. Try to let the belly of contraction in larger, from slow to fast, can stop a little bit tired. Do the housework belly in: beginning from today to be a hardworking boy. For example, don't use a vacuum cleaner, sweeping the floor with a rag and a broom, consciously increase their physical activity; In higher temperature at noon to choose the laundry and ironing, will flow a lot of sweat; Hungry will give yourself a great lunch, thin body and can control your appetite. Before daub belly: with salt bath, take a cup of salt and a little hot water mix into a paste, which is applied in the abdomen. After 10 minutes, use hot water to rinse clean coarse salt, also can massage and then rinse, then you can start to take a shower. In the palm or, after the shower, and a spoonful of salt, directly to massage abdomen, don't too hard to rub, rub the skin in order to avoid more rough. Water and drinks to reasonable: try to try to drink a cup of warm boiled water before breakfast, can dredge the intestinal, dilute the blood viscosity, reduce blood pressure, control of food intake. Suggestions don't drink beer and other drinks containing carbon dioxide don't eat too hold every meal, dinner don't drink right now. To change eating habits: after dinner don't immediately sat down or a nap, can keep standing form, can choose to go for a walk or to sort out some things. So in addition to reduce fat accumulation, can also help digest. For 30 minutes after a meal, if they remain motionless state, easy to form a belly fat. Diet should pay attention to above: do not eat sugar, chocolate, grease too much food, and potato chips, roasted wings, etc. Eat more vegetables, fruit. Eat on time, guarantee the nutrition, not picky eaters; As the saying goes, eat good early, noon eat satisfied, eat less later, so be sure to eat breakfast and lunch, and dinner is dispensable, but absolutely should not be eating after dinner.
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