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How to stick the eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Will from next eyelash brush the paint off. And eye shadow in the painting, hard to avoid contamination to some cuttings, to remove in time otherwise it will affect the subsequent next eyelash paste effect, suggest use eyelash comb gently brush away. Took the perm eyelashes device eye head front eyelash, make the front eyelash presented radial. Pay attention to technique to lightweight, fast, let the front-end eyelash natural radial, must pay attention to avoid crease, don't make a 'fly'. Pressing down the middle with become warped eyelash, expand the eyes and longitudinal amplitude. Will slowly move to the middle place eyelash perm eyelashes, appropriate spin eyelash length and roll degree, make lovely doll effect. Eye end eyelash stretched outward eye. Eyelash modelling also can make up for a lack of eye? That's right! Aimed at the end of the eyelashes as long as to pay attention to the direction and length of extension, can make up for the defect of eye on oh! Edge daub brown eye shadow to magnify the eyes. Next eyelash, of course, also want to rely on eye shadow to increase effect, is the eye edge daub brown eye shadow to magnify the eyes slightly, brown eye shadow but essential magic weapon 'large' hands! Eyes root black eyeliner let an eye have a mind more. Also need to fill the gap, the eyelash root quickly picked up a black eyeliner evenly daub, eyeliner texture more easily in such a small part of the color. Cut off the infarction before and after the false eyelash. Take out our secret weapon false eyelashes, combined with their own eye, and the characteristics of the eyelashes, false eyelash clip into the appropriate length and width to make it more relevant original eyelash. 。 Eyelash cut into bundles began to stick again. On the next eyelash and eyelash, never taking part line, gently cut into bundles ready to paste again.
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