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How to trim his eyebrows

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
Steps/methods above 1 line from eye head to the nose to draw a line, to the location of the eyebrows is eyebrows oh, should be three points in a line. Above 2 nose position to the pupil of the lateral line draw a line with eyebrows junction is the position of the eyebrow peak, oh. Eyebrow peak position is very critical, the position of eyebrow peak high face with elongated, eyebrow peak position is low, the face is short, the position of the eyebrow peak, the half is the wider the face on the back. Eyebrow peak position of the front, the face appear more narrow. Above 3, 4 line eyebrow end position, 3 line is connected to the nose and eye end position, to extend the line, eyebrow end will appear more mature in this position. Connect the corners of the mouth and eye end, extend the line eyebrow paint line connection to this position will be a little look young and lively. In the middle of the first two eyebrow nap cut off. Identify their own face, use eyebrow pencil outline, and then use the eyebrow eyebrows scrape knife will outline. With the top of the eyebrow will shave. With the eyebrow comb along the direction of the eyebrow comb, comb eyebrows. With eyebrow scissors cut long eyebrows. Comb with the comb, and then carefully trim off the comb eyebrows. Attention to comb with the skin must have certain spacing, otherwise easy to have a gap. Complete repair.
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