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how to use false eyelash

how to use false eyelash


A lot of people put on false eyelashes because their real eyelashes are not that long, when it comes to make up, they always feel eye makeup is not good-looking because eyelash is short or not enough delicate and charming, therefore, false eyelashes are needed, and how to stick false eyelash, this became the place that a lot of make up novice to wonder however, 

In this article contributed by professional eyelash manufacturer, Kaisi Co., Ltd. will teach you step by step false eyelash how to stick false eyelashes to your real eye lashes. Looking for wholesale false eyelashes? Welcome to contact Kaisi eyelashes factory for free sample.

Step 1: Check the length of your false eyelashes

 A lot of false eyelash and type for your own eyes, eye length is not consistent with false eyelashes, therefore, when using false eyelashes, use tweezers to pick up the first in the false eyelash root than once, if false eyelashes are longer than their eyes,  width of eyelashes the tail of the false eyelash eyelash should not be more than itself.

Accordingly, false eyelash is in the eye head because should come out 1/4 , close an eye and feel if your eye is comfortable or not, if not, you need to make adjustment of eyelashes.

Step 2: Clip your own eyelashes

curl your real eyelashes and put on mascara cream before using false eyelashes, because their body roll become warped eyelash but not false eyelash, in order to put a false eyelash with effect nature, you need to be posted before you leave their false eyelash eyelash clip roll warped, and to fix the radian of eyelash mascara cream also can help.

Step 3: Apply glue to false eyelashes

After their own eyelashes radian fixed, put glue on false eyelashes carefully, pay attention to squeezing false eyelash, don't sqeeze glue too much at once, or you'll get on eyelash glue to eyelash, eyelash glue should be started from the middle to the sides, so that the eye part of the head and eye end there will be more glue, because the two parts fo eyes are easier to fall off.

A good method to master is to squeeze a little bit of glue, apply a little bit, squeeze a little bit of glue, apply a little bit of glue, and so on and so on until eyelashes are completely covered, and the direction is the same from the middle to the sides.

Step 4:   appropriate amount of eyelash glue 

When a lot of people put on false eyelash, the biggest difficulty is don't know how to give false eyelash stick glue suitably, therefore seven small make up in this solution, false eyelash glue is about 0.5 ~ 1 mm thickness, because if false eyelash glue is too little, not good sticking eyelash, after eyelash glue packed well, wait for 30 seconds, false eyelash glue in dry state, because the viscosity is the highest.

Step 5: Stick false eyelash at the beginning

Wait for the glue on false eyelash after half dry condition, with tweezer eyelash middle clip picked up, at this time of what point is not the root of false eyelash middle, use tweezer to clip the eyelash of false eyelash middle however, next from oneself of true eyelash right above close to true eyelash root.

Aim the center of the false eyelashes toward the center of the real eyelashes.

Be careful not to let the glue root touch the real eyelashes.

Step 6: How does false eyelash affix eye ministry

Stick the middle part first, the place is in above true eyelash 0.5-1 millimeter inside.

It's glued to the eyelid, very close to the eyelashes but don't press it on the eyelash line because it will push down the eyelashes that have become warped.

Step 7: How does false eyelash stick eye end

Stick to the end of the eye.

With forceps clip the hair of false eyelash tail, gently to the direction of the end of the eye stretch pressure on the eyelash line at the end of the eye 0.5-1 mm.

The purpose of stretching is to prevent the extra part in the middle from bending out empty, but not too hard, the middle of the false eyelashes should still be in the position it was fixed in.

Step 8: How does false eyelash stick an eye head

Stick to the eye head.

This is to use forceps to clip the hair of false eyelash head, the direction that goes to eye head is pulling out gently press on the eyelash line of eye end inside 0.5 millimeter, (1 millimeter can be too high, this should be closer to only can natural eyelash).

Step 9: False eyelashes finalize the design

Apply false lashes and hold them in your fingers to correct the curve before the glue dries completely.

Don't raise your lashes too high. This will layer them with your real lashes.

Don't press too low, either, as this will make your eyes look smaller.

Hold it at your desired height for about 30 seconds, which will fix the level at which your eyelashes curl.

More info about false eyelash, stay tuned.

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