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How to wear eyeliner

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Method/procedure pearl eye shadow play general MM will have bright eye socket eye dark heavy, this will make the eyes look didn't look. So the first thing to do is to apply on the whole eye socket transparent pearl eye shadow, bright eyes, eyes will become clean and clear, let black look line more clear stereoscopic. Medial mucosa fill black eyeliner, eyelid, gently from eye to eye end direction along the eyelashes thin painted black eyeliner, don't let the eyelashes have a gap, or you will make eye makeup is affectation is not natural, so the integrity of the eye makeup with a big eye effect big give discount. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 Com/natural black look line dizzy agile eyeliner will make your eyes look rigid, no god, so dizzy to look natural. Gently with a brush in eyeliner slightly dizzy, the width of the article make a shadow first catch from eyeliner. Between eye to eye end up on the line from eye head part of the picture, the first on the eyelashes have been painting the canthus, shun on type between look line, line from fine to coarse, especially outside canthus and eyeliner connect place, want to boldly bold look line, with a focus on the eye end part up 0. 2 cm higher radian, the eyelid is extensions on the diagonal line length, can let an eye look bigger, and god, don't droop. After drawing the line is not enough always feel eyes, not good-looking, that is because you have less liquid eyeliner this step, liquid eyeliner can strengthen the eyeliner and the eyelashes thick feeling, relatively let line is more obvious. Following has natural dizzy eyeliner, along the eyelash root to describe black eyeliner, eye end slightly upward lift, natural fade out. Draw eye end 1/4 of the look below and look line connection can not save, because there is no small hole can let an eye look. Next eyelid after a quarter of the eyeliner, can draw a little a bit rough, and again look line connection will be naturally.
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