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In the morning to do how to eliminate eye dropsy eyes swollen

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Eliminate eye dropsy method eliminate puffiness: will soak overnight tea bags, apply eye, 10 minutes after rinse. Tea contains tannic acid is a kind of very good sword agent, which can effectively eliminate edema. Eliminate eye dropsy 2: the eye pressure, with your index finger point to an abdomen four points, press the eye around, click 2 - each 4 seconds. Such a feature in the eye socket refers to the pressure, can promote blood circulation, eliminate dropsy, still can alleviate eye fatigue. Eliminate puffiness three: when washing a face, use cold water to wash, can stimulate blood circulation, eye to eliminate dropsy, the principle of heat bilges cold shrink are known, it is to eliminate dropsy quick and simple way. Eliminate puffiness four: cucumber has the effect of firming eliminate dropsy, rinse cucumber slices, the weather was cold cucumber will feel cold, so I don't need to be refrigerated, will be cut into thin peel cucumber apply is in the eyes, rinse off oh take off in ten minutes. Eliminate eye dropsy five: lighting to avoid excessive light in the night, sleeping of time should avoid to turn on the light or only weak light a night light, because long-term in light, the body produces tension, will also affect the eyes. A good night's sleep, is to eliminate edema method. Eliminate eye dropsy 6: use eliminate dropsy eye cream, contains collagen, PAW - Peptide elements (beta, Palm and acetyl six peptide) , water, vitamin E, ( Aquatic animals) The composition such as eye skin care products, organic extract has a good effect. Eliminate puffiness seven: diet is delicate, especially dinner, before the sleep too much salt can make the body absorb a large number of moisture, the moisture out of the body, if not timely it will accumulate in the body, wake up in the morning will be swollen eyes. Eliminate eye dropsy 8: although winter more sleep is beneficial to the body, and who doesn't want to leave early and warm bed but do not want to become bloated eye, can guarantee eight hours of sleep every day for a long time. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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