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In the summer of sunscreens little common sense

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Summer bask in step 1: clean a lot of women in clean steps seriously enough, often use alkalescent too big or too clean, not suited to the characteristics of the summer skin cleaning products, such not only can't benign, thoroughly clean the skin, also can damage skin membrane. So aptly in the summer cleaning is an important prerequisite to protect skin, and it is particularly important to than other seasons. Summer bask in step 2: regulate regulate water commonly known as toner or make up water, etc. , in the four seasons are all important in skin care, we should adapt to this season in the summer the skin physiology choose focus on balance, hydrating, convergence, bacteriostatic function of skin water model. Summer is prevented bask in step 3: whitening uv easy to make the skin become yellow, black, cause pigment AD cool-headed, splash is aggravating, water lost easily. Due to the summer people like skin feel comfortable no burden, therefore both whitening, hydrating, nutrition, less oily cent pure plant formula of lightweight cream, suitable for summer skin care. Summer bask in step 4: sunscreen sunscreen is summer prevent tanning, sunburn, skin pigmentation spots, aggravating and the way to prevent light ageing. Sunscreen products classified as chemical sunscreen sunscreen products and plant type, the chemical type is prevented bask in a product's weakness is can cause skin aging, some people produce allergic; With isolation uv light, resistance to ageing, comprehensive protection and refreshing and breathe freely plant type is prevented bask in a product, of course, is the ideal choice. Summer bask in step 5: antioxidant repair in addition to use with the function of antioxidant skin care products, the basis of regular use stickers with antioxidant and repair functions also is very good maintenance method. Stick is simple to use, the effect is outstanding, especially use immediately after sun exposure, skin can obtain immediate improvement. The pitfalls of sunscreen use 1, my skin is tanned, it's no use sunscreen again! Wrong! When change the black, dry skin, peeling and the phenomenon of water scarcity, the skin is basked in. Then can still wipe sunscreen, and need sunscreen care more, at the same time, along with some sunburnt repair products. 2 and the more high SPF, prevent bask in effect, the better! Wrong! According to the American academy of dermatology, according to a study of SPF15 sunscreen has been able to cut off more than 90% of the ultraviolet light. The choose and buy sunscreen according to season, regional and individual needs. 3, my office every day, occasionally go out a sunscreen, nothing! Wrong! Want to know a didn't do any sun protection work, may also cause harm to the skin. 4, I have the function of UV sun umbrellas, need not sunscreen! Wrong! Most of the ultraviolet irradiation can penetrate the sun umbrella into the skin, the ground and the water can also reflect ultraviolet light, so even if is to use the sun umbrella, also want to use sunscreen. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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