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Kaisi eyelash boxes

Kaisi eyelash boxes


Kaisi eyelash box

Kaisi eyelash packaging box is made of cassia, an important plastic polymer material developed earlier. It has good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy dyeing, easy processing and beautiful appearance. It is widely used in cosmetic packaging industry.

Kaisi eyelash boxes features:

1. Kaisi eyelash boxes are with crystal transparency, light transmittance in more than 92%, the light is soft, visual clarity, with dye coloring Kaisi eyelash box has a good color.

2. Kaisi mascara box has good weather resistance, high surface hardness and gloss, as well as good high-temperature performance.

3. Kaisi eyelash packaging box has good processing performance, which can be hot-formed or mechanically processed.

4. Transparent Kaisi eyelash packaging box can be compared with glass transmittance, but the density of only half of the glass.

In addition, it is not as fragile as glass, and if broken, it does not form sharp fragments like glass.

5. The wear resistance of Kaisi mascara case is close to that of aluminum, with good stability and resistance to various chemical corrosion.

6. Kaisi mascara case has good printability and spraying properties. The use of appropriate printing and spraying technology can give Kaisi products surface decoration.

7. Fire resistance: no spontaneous combustion but is inflammable, do not have self-extinguishing.

Kaisi mascara box is made with the best new material to make sanitary ware after other eyelash packaging boxes. Compared with traditional materials, Kaisi mascara has the following advantages in addition to its unparalleled brightness: good toughness, not easy to break;

Repair of eyelashes box is strong, should dip in with soft foam only dot toothpaste can provide clean to wipe a new;

Soft texture, no cold feeling in winter;

Colourful, can satisfy the individual character pursuit of different grade.

Kaisi eyelash box

Kaisi eyelash box, eyelash packaging box, false eyelash storage box, not only elegant in design, durable in quality, and such eyelash packaging box has environmental protection effect, its radiation line and the human body's own bone radiation degree. Kaisi eyelash packaging boxes first appeared in the United States and now account for more than 70 percent of the entire market.

1.Kaisi eyelash packing box Participatory experience Packaging. The first contact with Kaisi eyelash packing box should be an experience.

Experiential packaging leads the consumer to interact with the product and choose it, which is a key step in purchasing.

The choice of eyelash packaging box that attracts consumers' eyes is an effective way to stimulate consumers' interest.

Kaisi eyelash packing boxes have unique styles, Windows, embedded samples, unusual shapes and textures that bring a higher level of interest and participation.

2. Any new product on Kaisi's clear brand eyelash packing box production line should have a clear brand logo, so that loyal customers can easily find the new product, and new customers who are interested in a particular eyelash packing box production line will also recognize the eyelash packing box as a part of the product series of the brand.

Many designers of highly successful eyelash packaging boxes know that simplicity creates a high quality image, and colorful design is a trend that is gaining popularity at high speed, but it must be designed correctly to maintain a high quality image.

Make sure that any new products in your product line clearly identify your eyelash box brand and add additional design elements to each unique Kaisi false eyelash product.

3. The outstanding design shelf of Kaisi is full of eyelash products. The packaging design of eyelash packaging box must stand out from many other products.

What makes the case more attractive is the finish, color or style of the carton. In a highly saturated field, good design is a key factor.

False eyelashes that display a high quality image on the eyelash box package are more appealing to shoppers browsing the shelves.

The science behind effective design involves design elements that create instinctive responses in consumers.

These factors relate to all aspects of Kaisi eyelash packaging, including color, style, workmanship, logo and graphics.

Kaisi eyewear product factory has been enaged in eye decor product manufacturing for many years:

Product available from Kaisi factory:

  1. mink lashes

  2. regular mink lashe

  3. 25mm mink lashes

  4. faux eyelashes

  5. custom eyelash packaging

  6. eyelash extensions

  7. magnetic lashes

  8. individual eyelashes

  9. synthetic lashes

  10. magnetic eyeliner

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