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by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
The life short eyelashes in hair, the average life expectancy is 3 - 5 months, constantly updated, a development of eyelash, after pulling up, can grow 1 - a week 2 mm, about 10 weeks, can achieve the original length. The long lashes of children, also bending. In daily life, some parents are common for infants and young children pulling eyelash, in order to grow the eyelash of black and bright, there is no scientific basis for the practice, sometimes even cause infection such as an accident, and break down the follicle, cause the loss of eyelash. Slender, bending, black eyes, flashing and vibrant eyelash beauty, so that the whole appearance beauty plays an important role. Eyelash line up half arc. Eyelash can foil shows the outline of the eye, add the verve of eyes. Under the eyelid, eyelash than palpebral eyelash long and thick. In black, micro become warped up for beauty, it has become a human, especially the female face important decoration parts. As a result, people often use, false eyelash besmear eyelash oil and double eyelid surgery, volume eyelash eyelash on the methods of beautification. Next palpebral eyelash short and sparse, and bent down. Sometimes also can through the eyeliner or tattoo means to make up for the inadequacy of eyelash thin light, to better display the outline of the eye.
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