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Learn brush the ling thick magic eye

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
Eyelashes wholesale manufacturers information: 'J girl' is he ling into our line of sight of the focus of the first name. When she first with jay Chou appeared in the journal of entertainment at the same time, it is destined to this girl will be a focus in the entertainment industry. He ling, as Taiwan's famous young model, often attend each store or product launch, a typical 'sister' more eye-catching fashion temperament. Kun ling in makeup also tend to be on the building of eye makeup. Unlike franna, she paid more attention to use roll become warped eyelash to enlarge eyes, more make the eyes of god. Large areas of pink blush cleaning the face, give the good color pink is tender, also make the gloss of skin look more delicate. A large and tender cheek is red, for the play make choice of labial ministry low-key some nude color. 一步一步的1。 With eyelash clip becomes warped eyelash curlers after soft pad to clean the toilet paper, starting from the eyelash root pressure, pull up. 2. Brush brush on the bottom of the incremental paste evenly on the fiber or 'thick incremental polymer' eyelash creams, help each eyelash increment of fat. 3. Steel comb brush away every eyelash when we have fiber distribution situation, in small steel comb brush gently down on the drive. 4. Thick density increase eyelash comb type or chubby more brush head can apply mascara, emphasized highly dense effect. From the eyelash root in Z type brush. 5. Brush through another more trenchant is to create the effect of super thick, but absolutely cannot produce heavy cockroaches. Brush with open is like true eyelash effect with root trenchant root. 6. Repeat brushs mop strengthen take thick ink with cream, from the bottom of the eyelash brush wipe up, to the eyelash cutting-edge techniques to light, natural strong feeling. 7. Painted in jing an insolent eyeliner in eyelash inside painting at the bottom of the thin look line, filling up the space of the eyelash clearance, on the vision more dense. Jing an insolent. 8. Help eyelash to finalize the design clothes last brush on eyelash ponchos, except to make beautiful eyelash hold more because of the formula can make eyelash more strong, look will be more dark.
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