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Long eyelashes method summarized

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Eyelash growth liquid: to promote cilia eyebrows to normal growth, improve the symptoms of hair follicle development don't dash, make eyelash, longer with VE: VE is very common that pharmacies sell 3 yuan a box of golden capsule, every day take a grain on the eyelash with toothpick prick. But so easy to grow adipose bead, so proposal worn-out eyelash creams bottle wash clean clothes, brush only with the brush when daub on the eyelash, will not get also won't grow adipose bead eyes. Also some people is to use old lip gloss in a box, with a lip brush. With VAD or cod liver oil: some people say that VE can grow eyelash because the inside of the cod liver oil ( With VAD) At work, instead of VE. So also someone with VD capsule daub eyelash, for some people the effect is very good. Olive oil: pure olive oil has the effect of nourishing hair, so also can abet eyelash, but improper use and easy to grow adipose bead, worn-out eyelash creams tube full-dress it is better to use. Overnight tea: before sleeping, soak overnight tea bag or use make up cotton overnight tea is used to apply eye, can grow eyelash. Someone recommended green tea, but should be what kind of tea can be. Brush has effect on dark circles eye cream: can slow the eye frost of black rim of the eye is generally contain nutrients such as VE, VB5, so long-term use can make eyelash longer, coarse. Petroleum jelly: someone recommended use vaseline or vaseline hand cream, can also abet eyelash. Aloe vera: painted the eyelash with aloe vera juice or aloe vera gel.
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