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Long eyelashes to develop set legal

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
A collection, formed long eyelashes, vitamin E oil can make eyelashes thick elastic 1, vitamin E oil. Before you go to bed every day, to wipe the eyelashes with vitamin E oil, and then wipe the eyelashes. In about ten days can see the effect. Eyelashes thick elastic. Drinking tea can be used to daub eyelash 2 left, drink tea. Will have to remain cool tea, and the next day before you go to bed early in the morning, with cotton buds wet brush eyelashes, can achieve the effect of eyelash growth. This little secret can remember oh. Broken broken 3, vaseline vaseline helps prevent eyelash. Vaseline every night and morning inunction, can help prevent or correct eyelash broken broken, often use vaseline can also can make your eyelash become beautiful, dense. 4, olive oil. Every night in a oil inunction, can promote the growth of eyelashes, thick. This is an ancient method, the effect is slow, but it does. In addition, add lemon peel debris inside the small oil bottle, daily inunction, can make eyelash more colorful. Use eyelash growth liquid 5, use eyelash growth liquid. Long-term use eyelash growth liquid, but also can make your eyelashes longer, become beautiful. After a night out of the shower in the eyelashes on besmear eyelash growth liquid, if you want to have a very good use effect, use 2 times a day. Use the more the better the results. Please note that don't use before going to bed, because before going to bed using easily make eyelash fluid flow into his eyes slowly, eyes will spicy uncomfortable. Eyelash growth liquid is suitable for the eyelash, but when using too much and flow in the eye, should rinse immediately. Second, the long eyelashes crash method set 1, mascara, mascara. If you want to quickly eyelash longer, it can use eyelash creams to get the results we want. It is recommended to use eyelash clip before use mascara to make roll become warped eyelash, and then put on mascara brush. When use eyelash creams, in accordance with the 'first root, again after central and peripheral' order, points three clip eyelash, clip while gently lift up. Picks up eyelash brush in horizontal way to zigzag direction, turn the brush head and even move up slowly. In order to strengthen effect, can be erected brush brush divide evenly eyelash of a root, then brush the eyelash of the canthus and eye end, and the next eyelash. Stick 2 false eyelash, false eyelash glue. Sticking eyelash also can make your eyelash fast change long thick. The false eyelashes and make a comparison between your own eyes length, excess of just cut it off and then holding two head, get a lane, make it have radian besmear eyelash glue, then wait for dry after escaping from the corners of the eyelashes and eye end sticking eyelash root, fixed the rest close to the eyelashes.
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