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Look line of drawing

by:Kaisi      2020-05-14
Detailed steps to lift an eyelid, eye end with eyeliner start. In order to better grasp the eyeliner, starting from the eye end. Use finger to lift the lid, so that we can more easily use eyeliner fill the gap of the eyelashes. Before the second corner to the middle, linked to eye end point. Once upon a time canthus, carefully painted eyeliner, must always maintain the consciousness of 'gap' fill the eyelashes. Painted eyeliner formerly canthus back slowly, until connected with just the look line of eye end. The third step in liquid eyeliner is covered with eyeliner, thick eyeliner. Slightly raised upper eyelid, with eyeliner on just eyeliner, eyeliner natural coarse. At this point, the line will also be trace coarse painstakingly, build a round eyes shape. The fourth step will be the eyelashes completely fill the gap. Still lift the lid, the mucous membrane in place completely fill the gap with the eyelashes, that is to build a 'stealth' makeup look important, must not be ignored. Eyelid, step 5 had banished tail end will look line stretched, carefully makes the eye end the eyeliner. Fingers had banished the tail of the eyelids, eye end with eyeliner look line stretched, gaps to fill and the eyelash root, eyeliner, can create the effect of restoring ancient ways. Step 6 eyelid under some eyeliner will need to fill the eyelashes. In order to create the effect of large eyes, next eyelid mucosa painted with white eyeliner, this can effectively supercilious look ball will extend. Then, with dark brown eyeliner will fill the eyelashes.
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