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Magnetic lashes

Every Kaisi magnetic lashes is tested in-house for stability, compatibility, microorganism, and packaging testing to meet the regulations of the beauty makeup industry. Kaisi offers best magnetic eyelashes for customers from all over the world, Kaisi produces no side effects.  We mainly manage the business of eyelashes. Kaisi focuses on providing a variety of magnectic lashes for customers. Kaisi magnetic lash is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the international quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable. Kaisi abides by the service concept that we always put customers' satisfaction first. We strive to provide professional consulting and after-sales services.

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What are magnetic false eyelashes?


Magnetic false eyelash is the eyelash that has magnetism by two ends, clip two ends respectively in eyelash only both sides of eyes when it comes to magnetic eyelashes application, which brings charming eyelash easily, it is a kind of emerging false eyelash. to use magnetic adhesive false eyelashes, does not need any glue, there is no need to worry about makeup falloff and eyelashes shift.


How to use magnetic eyelashes? Contact Kaisi Co., Ltd., one of popular eyelashes manufacturers in China. Kaisi factory is here to bring out the best of magnetic eyelashes for womens from all over the world, being beautiful is the spirit for ladies, and magnetic eyelashes are a must to decor your eyes, and make your eyes shiny and attractive. Kaisi magnetic eyelashes are featured with comfort, high quality and fine workmanship for natural looking. Kaisi factory has been serving for global customers with its dazzingly good eyelashes and custom service.


There is a wealth of false eyelashes, in this section, Kaisi eyelashes company is going to walk you through varieties of eyelashes.

On the basis of manufacturing method, false eyelashes could be categorized into 3 types:
1. manual eyelashes: pure handmade eyelashes, exquisite & complex workmanship in false eyelashes production, limited output
2. half manual false eyelashes: combined with labor work and auto machine processing
3. auto machine-making false eyelashes: such false eyelashes are mostly made by auto machine, low cost and large capacity.


When it comes to eyelashes application, false eyelashes could be sorted into 3 types on the below:

1. doll eyelashes: doll eyelashes is basically for doll manufacturing to decor doll's eyes, mostly doll eyelashes are long in length and adorable.
2. false eyelashes for film: such false eyelashes are applicable for actresses, mostly they are 3d eyelashes.
3. real-looking false eyelashes: this is one of natural looking false eyelashes for brides. 

Categorized based on false eyelashes raw material:
1.fiber eyelashes
2.human hair eyelashes
3.animal hair eyelashes
4.feather eyelashes

Furthermore, currently eyelash extension is a hit in the market, which looks more vidvid and obviates time to put on false eyelashes everyday.



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