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Mink eyelash

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
As the name suggests, the mink eyelash mink fur as raw material was used to make the false eyelash. Usually mink fur from nature falls in mink tail hair and a small amount of hair in his back. Explained editor mink fur is usually derived from captivity mink, American mink such minks more for artificial cultivation, hair in the hair length, size, color are average, and then eyelash workers carefully selected 32 - the length 35 cm mink fur fall off naturally, and ensure that every hair has maofeng tea, so that we can produce the complete mink eyelashes. Edit 1 mink eyelash advantage. Mink fur composition structure is close to the structure of the human body hair. 2. Mink fur compared to other materials hair softer, wool nature. 3. Mink fur late machinability is strong, can achieve the 3 d effect of eyelash. Edit 1 wear method. Compare yourself look line length, cut off the excess eyeliner. 2. Will wear special eyelash glue, uniform, thin smear on the surface of eyelash line, static moment, the glue dry. 3. With eyelash tweezers grip the eyelash root, to make it look line fit their eyelids, adjust the position, the joint at the same time around the appropriate suitable dress needs. 4. Can use eyelash clip gently hold your true and false eyelash, make together. 5. If you still have needs, can be appropriately daub some mascara, or fill appropriately draw some eyeliner. Edit 1 maintenance method. Every time after wearing down eyelashes, should wash with warm water residue glue, natural dry. 2. And then put back to the original the eyelash eyelash torrey, stored in a cool and dry out. 3. Because the mink eyelash is natural hair production, therefore in use process to minimize contact with water, otherwise easy is hair becomes short-tempered.
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