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Mr. Nice simple editing < go diagram in long hair

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Many girls like long hair, but occasionally change modelling give a person the feeling that find everything new and fresh. That might as well learn long hair method, look at how to plunge into fashion beautiful hair style. Hurry to studying with hair small make up of the road! Tools/materials elastic method/step one: long hair lenth in the first, and comb to comb straight first. 2: all the hair after the brain into a simple horsetail, don't need to be very high, flush the ear. 3: in just above a good horse, with his hand out to each side, and to dig a small hole. Four: the ponytail and flip through the upper dug holes, remember hair end to take out all the oh. Five: to put the hair dish up entirely, then put the rest of the hair end began to spread. Six: the hair into simple plait, use elastic fixed hair end, the braids by inside roll up again. Seven: thus volume as shown before the dug holes, again with a small card clip good drop hair, charming and distribute formidable plate. Eight: adjust editing < go with the hand, let go more orderly and not messy. Graph: after completion of effect in distribute again go on the clip on the hair that oneself like, an elegant and fashionable hair style was finished, the super creative fashion, absolutely let you temperament double END
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