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Novice how to stick a false eyelash rescue hand remnants taught you how to stick

by:Kaisi      2020-05-19
Have now won't wear false eyelashes beauty girl want to hand the residual again. 。 。 Although full hand glue, try countless also make uncertain false eyelashes! Psychological shadow area. 。 。 Today, small make up to share with you a free hand residual party taught you how to how to put the method of false eyelash, beginners can learn to stick a false eyelash way! Post the complete figure how false eyelash is very complete good-looking? No cock, no tilt, really stick very natural. Come and follow the steps below to learn! False eyelash complete figure STET1: first, take out a false eyelash, put false eyelashes in eyes, and figure out the right length STET2: cut spare part on both ends of the false eyelash, keep the false eyelash long degrees STET3: will hand back glue, and then use tweezers to the bottom of the dab of glue, scraping on the eyelash terrier. Pay attention to a little more glue on both ends of the false eyelash, because it is easy to become warped on both ends up STET4: wait for 30 seconds, let it dry, viscosity will be stronger, sticky now will slide around. Waiting for, you can take the eyelash clip first volume. So true and false eyelash can have the same radian STET5: wear is the main points of the false eyelash: his chin, the false eyelash. The first your eyelash eyelash on upper part, just put away, don't stick up STET6: first and then use tweezers clips at the end of false eyelash stick well, and then in front, glue. Reoccupy finger will be pressure, false eyelashes to ensure that the middle section also glued together STET7: then his fingers will blow up, false eyelash eyelash is upward, eyes also will be bigger and more god small tip: there is no place not too entanglements of joint, or liquid eyeliner to fill one with black eye shadow, the stick is not a good place and not natural, also use other colour makeup products fill in one, let the junction of false eyelash look at nature as a whole.
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