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Overview of Korean makeup

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
As the 'han' hit south Korean fashion more deeply influence our lives, hairstyle, clothes, makeup look, there are people to follow. Look at south Korean girls perfect face, it's admiring, although this in large part thanks to cosmetic surgery, but also inseparable from the high high super make-up techniques, they make up what is the secret? White powder as the saying goes: 'good makeup to turn, powdery bottom accounted for seventy percent. 'South Korean women such as China, Japan and other Asian countries women, very prefer white skin, think' a white cover ugly '. In order to achieve fair effect, they will carefully powder on the ground, with a soft pink powder, with a large brush away the excess powder, let face powder fully thin even, lest give a person the sense of false xi xi. Seven points to edit lure south Korean women like Japanese women, etiquette for makeup, no makeup is not polite, and take a makeup of South Korea's flavour is dye-in-the-wood, must pay attention to the following tips: 1, the thick white powdery bottom to south Korean women prefer white skin, in order to achieve the effect of 'white', they would get powder put on the skin is very thick, South Korea's foundation usually have the function of the partial white or color correction. 2, fine eyebrow south Korean women in cultured is double eyebrow eye makeup, south Korean girls are usually very thin eyebrows, have a plenty of eyebrow will shave whole, draw on the fine eyebrow. 3, orange, orange, brown eye shadow brown eye shadow is the mainstream of Korean makeup, while the young people began to choose a few light color series. 4, use less rouge south Korean women like to put on the skin is very thick powder, so rouge cha was very weak, don't even put on the skin. More than 5, brunet lip south Korean women like to use brunet lip pen, hook a deep obvious lip line, and whether in spring or in winter, all must adhere to the dark. 6 colour, a south Korean women generally like bright, nail polish. 7, south Korean women mostly like to stay a head of long hair straight hair, young, some are like dye hair is golden brown.
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