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Painted skin sister - Sun Ni

by:Kaisi      2020-05-18
Painted skin elder sister, female, liaoning dandong, like making up, every change a makeup look like 'a different person,' the true photo with makeup set frequency is weibo, BBS, Internet sensation. By netizens was touted as 'painted skin' in history. Painted skin, sister name Sun Ni, net 'spirit luan nini,' female, liaoning dandong, now lives in wuhan, born in 1987, graduated from university, chemistry. Claims to 56 centimetres, weight 100 jins, small eyes, flat nose, skin is not good, and there are more than 700 degrees of myopia. Thought ugly she loves makeup, each change a makeup look like 'a different person,' the true photo with makeup set frequency is weibo, BBS, dubbed 'painted skin elder sister' by netizens, 'suddenly turn hostile', 'emperor'. Sun Ni irrigation in the beauty of a period of time, accidentally put their makeup photos posted online, caused the attention of many netizens, and quickly. Painted skin elder sister after makeup makeup before the photos in a blog post fascinating beach makeup, summer romance orange makeup such as Europe, the big eye makeup, makeup all makeup modelling photos attracted hundreds of posts. Her makeup photos in each big BBS, it turns into a photo even called 'pig fairy'. Netizens even admired her as 'painted skin' in history. Her 'suddenly turn hostile', and even cause the attention of the Taiwanese media, known as powerful in the history of 'face'. She has made 26 different styles of makeup. Every post has more than 100000 people to post comments. In addition, her weibo certification is 'makeup's got talent'. With the magic make-up skills has more than 170000 weibo fans. Now Sun Ni and her boyfriend walk street in wuhan, also often be recognized. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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