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by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
How eyelash transplantation? Now a lot of female friends for their eyelashes is concerned, some friends less eyelashes, but also the shortage and serious influence to his face is beautiful. Eyelash transplantation is a good method, but how eyelash transplantation? How eyelash transplantation? Eyelash transplant was conducted on the basis of the existing eyelash transplant, consider is the direction of the eyelash transplant, to prevent the phenomenon of trichiasis, hold good transplant Angle ( Namely and 30 - to the horizontal line 40 degree Angle) To achieve the effect of natural beauty. Typically, 40 - on one side of the transplant 50 degree of root, the eyelash after transplantation will keep the characteristics of the hair, constantly growing, so must be periodically shaping. Eyelash transplantation: how much is the fee and has a certain relationship between the size of the operation. How eyelash transplantation? Eyelash after transplantation is the application of microsurgical operation to take out the occipital healthy hair follicle tissue, after careful special separation hair follicle tissue transplants to be transplanted. Hair follicles to survive after new hair will grow healthy, keep hair all biological features, won't again necrosis. How eyelash transplantation? Eyebrows eyelash transplant and transplantation in the same way, transplantation, carefully looking for under a microscope and feature extraction and eyelash similar short fluff, which requires the separation of personnel of technology must be superb. How eyelash transplantation? Eyelash transplant belong to the minimally invasive surgery, no scars. Postoperative customers will have two thick long eyelashes, and will not change the shapes of eyelid, appearance is very good after the surgery, for the eyelash of the original but not to undermine, also will only increase, not decrease. Eyelash transplant process, less pain, quicker recovery, also does not affect the normal life, the customer leaves the operating room, and then can go home. http://hongjidingli。 b2b。 huishangbao。 com/
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