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Post false eyelashes false eyelash skills ten tips is introduced

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
How false eyelash stick? I believe that most people don't know, let me bring you ten tips to introduce false eyelash, together and have a look. Ten post tips introduce everybody wants a pair of false eyelash and volume and long eyelashes, sparkly in the blink of an eye, but sometimes backfired, always some eyelash, very little and very short, very laborious, when make up can through the way of false eyelash, to achieve the desired effect. Small make up 10 tips for you, let the false eyelash becomes easy. The correct clip is a kind of false eyelash 'in his hand is too short, wear on the eyes too long', the eyelash longest among, both sides a bit shorter, usually ranging from 5 mm to 10 mm length. Want to put on a false eyelash after look natural, length can't be too exaggerated, width should be suitable for your eyes. When using false eyelashes, want to use tweezers to pick up the first in the false eyelash eyelash root than once, if false eyelashes than their eyes need cut for a long time to type and their eyes as long width, the tail of the false eyelash eyelash should not be more than itself. As a result, the false eyelash eye head because of the empty quarter, or close my eyes will be uncomfortable. Diffusion false eyelash after get the right length, bending show 'C' word stems, false eyelash and maintain about 20 seconds. Have a radian of false eyelash to fully fit our eyes, you must have met tilted end of false eyelash, it is not because the glue is not good, but because of false eyelash terrier is too hard. Oil absorption oil will make difficult to fixed false eyelash, if you are oily skin, can be a bit problem when worn. Before wearing false eyelashes with oil absorption will clean up the grease of the eyelids, or in the upper eyelid and a layer of transparent powder. Bonus tip: if you want to use false eyelashes, so don't use when discharge makeup oil discharge makeup product, so as not to affect the second use. Eyelashes in false eyelash clip itself should be first used his own eyelash eyelash clip roll become warped, then coated with mascara, because their body roll become warped eyelash not false eyelash, in order to put a false eyelash after effect nature is clear, therefore need to be posted before you leave their false eyelash eyelash clip roll become warped, and fixed the radian of eyelash mascara is also can help. Count to ten when we worry as false eyelash, should tell yourself good things worth waiting for. Wait ten seconds to make glue stick will make the final effect. If just good glue coating worry as false eyelashes, false eyelashes will be running around, can't you want it to stay at a fixed location. To look down most of us would make the nose in front of the mirror, think that the nearer the mirror see of, right? Actually this is not right! Put the looking glass in face of the following is the right choice, this is the best view to see the eyelash. Post false eyelash begin with eye at the top of the intermediate point using tweezers or dedicated to false eyelash clip clip eyelash root is center, sticky eyelids are roots in the first, to leave the eye head and eye end proper distance. Eye head set aside three eyelash distance, in case of long wear lashes terrier has been poking eye head will be uncomfortable. Remember to stick to the roots, eyes Zhang Kaicai naturally! Use a little strength, make eyelash terrier support eyelid sticks eye head, eye end, using tweezers grip the eyelash root gelling paragraph, with a little force to eye head roots after fixed again, eye end the same. Can take advantage of the mild tension make eyelash terrier support eyelids, that is why many in double, double-fold eyelid will run out after wearing false eyelashes, terrier is eyelash tweezers slight pull tension during support and gelling. In addition, using the clip will strengthen clip becomes warped eyelash. Cover the gap in the middle of the true eyelashes and false eyelash often appear gap is a lot of people. Don't tear off heavy stick, eye shadow can solve this problem. You only need to fill with matte black eye shadow gap can, don't leave any traces can also let the glue dry faster. Comb with eyelash comb will be true and false eyelash stick together after the radian of available fingers along the eyelash, make it upwards, reoccupy eyelash comb your eyelash with false eyelash comb. This is more natural.
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