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Kaisi supplies global customers with popular wholesale eyelashes. Kaisi focuses on providing a variety of high quality magnetic eyeliner, eyelash box  and natural looking mink lashes for customers. Kaisi carries out strict quality monitoring and cost control on each production link of eyelash tool, from raw material purchase, production and processing and finished product delivery to packaging and transportation. This effectively ensures its eyelash tool has better quality and more favorable price than other products in the industry. Welcome to contact us and cooperate with us, we are capable of providing customers with competitive eyelash tool.

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China eyewear product avant-garde, Kaisi Co., Ltd. is spearheaded by enhancing customers' experience in wholesale false eyelashes, eyelash packaging box, eyelash extension and eyelash tool. Customer's satisfaction is important to Kaisi eyelash factory, Kaisi company has been providing global customers with competitive false eyelash, eyelash packaging box and eyelash tool at best factory price, not only to bring confort & convenience but also beauty & charm to terminal users of false eyelash and eyelash tool.


How to use false eyelashes?
What false eyelashes brings to eyes decor surpasses mascara cream tremendously, nonetheless, it is a must to know how to use false eyelashes to decor your eyes, on the below are some tips coming from professional eyelashes manufacturer, Kaisi factory:

1. first of all, curl your eyelashes with eyelashes curler and comb through your eyelashes, put on eye mascara cream then choose eyelashes curling type you want, which serves for fitting false eyelashes with your real eyelashes, in a bit to avoid 2 layers of eyelashes on your eyes.

2. compare length of false eyelashes with your real ones, considering different people have different eyelash lengthes, which entails false eyelashes trimming.

3. curl false eyelashes till they are in line with your real eyelashes, this is like massaging false eyelashes, to make false eyelashes more smooth and natural looking.

4. trim false eyelahes on the based of your real eyelashes

5. glue false eyelash under eyelashes terrier to stick false eyelashes on the real ones.

6. start to attach false eyelashes to your eyes from the middle of your eyelids.

7. check if false eyelashes are in a match with your real eyelashes perfectly, strengthen your false eyelashes with eyeliner or glue to fill the gaps if eyelahes are not fixed.



Welcome to shoot us an email for inquiry if Kaisi factory does pique your interest.

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Hello, This is Selina, very glad to serve you. The MOQ for our lashes is 100pairs, if you order more, the price will be much cheaper, the styles can be mixed, like 10 or 20pairs per design is ok. and our styles will be updated monthly. The lashes and the packaging box can be both be custom made as to your requirement.    For better communication, you can also add my whatsapp, it's +86 18268822157, we will send you the catalog of our lashes and the packaging boxes.