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Removing the grafting of false eyelashes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
'Small dimple long eyelash, charming' a hopeless, and small dimple long eyelash is now the United States eyebrow like facial form, but at the time of creation is little different from god, some of the eyebrow in the United States may be very lucky to have a small dimple, long eyelashes, but some girls can't so lucky, but now the eyelash grafting technology has very mature, but don't know how to remove a lot of beautiful eyebrow grafting eyelash, listen to below small make up to you to explain! Glue stick artificial eyelash eyelash grafting to natural lashes, must be careful when remove the false eyelash, because not enough careful treatment may be natural eyelash also pull down. Here is to remove the step of eyelash: method 1:1, the first steam and oil removal of eye makeup. With a mild makeup removing mascara and eyeliner, help see natural eyelash grafting. 2, face absorb steam: hot steam will loose out false eyelash and steps are as follows: in the microwave heating a bowl of water and hot water temperature should be enough to produce steam. Face to the bowl, around a towel over his head, all the steam around to stay near the face. A cotton ball soaked in olive oil. Cleansing with tampon eyelash root, be careful not to touch the eyes. Continued cleansing eyelash, until the false eyelash falls. 3, wash the eyelash: poured water on the eyelash, rinse olive oil. Method 2: glue remove buy glue removing agent. If you can't back to the salon, you can try removing the eyelash with removing agent. You can find this product in most chemist. If you are looking for professional technicians grafting eyelash, ask your technician with what kind of dissolution agent, whether can buy there. Glue is a mild solute removal agent, similar to discharge oil. Look closely at your eyelashes. This process needs careful, you should see your eyelash. Follow these steps to do, can remove your false eyelash: removing eye makeup. With a mild makeup mascara and eyeliner, unloading eyes to see nature and false eyelash eyelash root. Use glue remover. Follow the steps below to use remover, loose false eyelash. Soak cotton swabs with olive oil, ensure the swab was completely soaked. Mild cleansing around eyes on it again. Close the other eye, with stomach cleansing around outside around the eye contour. Your upper lashes should be vertical to the ground, it can better see the need to remove the part. Along the line again, swab from from inner to outer contour outline, gently in the small circle, remove the agent began to melt glue. To clear the eyelash that is about to fall off. Cleansing look line about 15 times back and forth, with your index finger and thumb knead a false eyelash root, gently push eyelash will fall off. Remove eye part of residual glue. After we finished eyelashes, remove the agent on the upper eyelid f cleansing, remove the residual glue. Clean the eyelashes. Using warm water wash a face, clean the residual scavenger. Method 3: professional remove back to the salon for grafting eyelash technicians for you. Grafting eyelash glue is generally contain super glue. No professional tools and potions, it is difficult to unload. For several reasons if you want to remove the eyelash, please fill after eyelash: when most of the false eyelash falls, only a few a few root had, you should go to the salon removes these remaining eyelash, is generally free of charge. You don't like the eyelash grafting. If you have a lot to remove eyelash, then to the specialized technician would be more sensible. After grafting in the past a few days, you may have some tingling. Likely will be a couple of false eyelash stick together, or a stick to a few false eyelash eyelash. This kind of thing is very easy to solve, but you have to go back to your technician. If you think the grafting remains to be the reference, can go to a few more salon. Inexperienced technician at the time of grafting may make mistakes, if you also met with the same kind of thing, to find a reputable salon remove eyelash. Your eyelash grafting doesn't look professional. Wither if eyelash, fracture, or don't good-looking, looking for technicians to repair you trust. Improper handling will be implicated in natural eyelash, make problem becomes more complicated. After grafting eyelash feel pain or discomfort. If grafted glue use undeserved, may cause harm to eyes and skin. Don't rely on grafting eyelash help you again, you can put unloading steps it better.
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