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Single-edged eyelid how big eye makeup teaches you to draw a pair of big eyes

by:Kaisi      2020-05-12
Step1: makes the double-fold eyelid arc double-fold eyelid daub glue the eyes look down as far as possible, let the eyelids are fully stretched, and then began to draw from the upper eyelid line, along the shape of the eye gently daub, so the effect is very true and natural, and true double-fold eyelid. Step2: after waiting for glue dry remember daub double eyelid glue don't immediately opened his eyes, such eyelid folds will erase part of the glue, the influence of double-fold eyelid shape effect, should have been with your eyes closed until the glue dried, hands pressing eyelashes at the same time, in order to avoid eyelash glue stick to the cock, at the same time can help to find the most suitable double-fold eyelid position when eyes open. Step3: the y-shaped stick double-fold eyelid shape in just hand pressure eyelash, eyes open position, after after gently poke up, opened his eyes, according to the shape of the eye appropriate adjust the folds of double-fold eyelid radian, double-fold eyelid line is completed. Step4: to improve eye makeup with flat brush dips in brightness in golden eye shadow, technique of cleaning the whole eye to touch type, amplitude can be slightly wide, covering to the position of eyes skin glue, make a healthy beautiful eye makeup, let double-fold eyelid effect looks more natural. Step5: the effect of the get out if the eyes with eyeliner is not standard of double-fold eyelid, but 1. 5 layer eyelid and folds, can get in place with eyeliner connects upper and lower eyelids package, so that we can make double eyelids look more natural, upper and lower eyelids are more symmetrical echo. Step6: pale eyebrows because usually single-edged eyelid lack of administrative levels sense, eyelids look will be thick, it can be alleviated by pale eyebrows folds of massiness, can pick light color in the eye makeup eyebrow powder and paste are used together, eyebrow gently brush evenly on the eyebrows, it would be more clear look eyes, weakening the heavy eyelids.
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