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Small posted false eyelash charming rocks

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
If the eyes are the window to the soul, the eyelash is decorated the window curtain, good for the window curtain is a good tool, a lot of people envy other people that like black butterfly warpage eyelash, a piece of a match a long eyelash, make the beautiful fairy tale, if you want to perform a beautiful fairy tale, then start with false eyelashes, find a pair of suits own false eyelashes, even everyday to work wearing can do it very natural. Lets you have like the natural beauty of their LIDS. Low, of course, is the first selection of the eyelashes and glue low cut and ready to 1. Remove the false eyelash eyelash on the index finger, first make a curved eyelash. 2. The length of the shop keepers eyelash, cut with scissors into suitable length, eye head is not too long, basic eyes slightly shorter than he. 3. Use glue stick slip from the eyelash terrier, pay attention to the quantity of two more, after the brush glue to hurry up to wear, or it will dry out. 1: in order to more false eyelash, bend a radian first of all, we need to get the false eyelash hands holding the two end of false eyelash, put the base of the false eyelash, bend a radian repeatedly, at the same time also can make eyelash flexible, better paste. 2: what you posted false eyelashes, first of all, we also need to use scissors to cut some new false eyelash, this is because the newly purchased false eyelash can not directly use! Because it does not necessarily is suitable for your eyes. Put false eyelash on eyes measure, the aim of the lateral canthus outside, the inside on the left inner canthus 5 ~ 6 mm. 3: how the eyelash glue, paint by hand hold, false eyelash will squeeze a bit of glue, laminating in false eyelashes, and then to the side while at the same time make some glue, glue on the eyelash that can guarantee the distribution more uniform. Easy to fall off on both ends of the false eyelash, dosage can be a bit more. 4: oneself how to grasp the false eyelash paste time, wait until the glue dries quickly to stick again, because the strongest stick together. And the white glue has become translucent, as the feeling is very natural. 5: there are three section of adjust the Angle of false eyelash stick effect is the most natural, confirmed that good eye head began to 3 mm and the position of the eye end over 5 mm. Then from the middle of the eyes to stick, the position of the eye end can according to your makeup to adjust the position of the cock! 6: the false eyelash with clip to lift a lift with a small clip adjustment, press gently pressure, let false eyelash root really hit on real eyelashes. This action need to practice a few times more, can find the handle. 7: what you posted false eyelashes, there is also a key is true, false eyelash comb with a brush stick together after the false eyelash, the true and false eyelash comb with eyelash comb again together, make high-grade false eyelashes look more natural, make the eye makeup look more natural. High-grade http://qdhongjidingli false eyelash. com/
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