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Star favorite what micro plastic projects

by:Kaisi      2020-05-17
Beauty star no matter how charming temperament, able to withstand the time of invasion, in order to maintain the capital, a lot of female star through the micro plastic surgery to keep their beauty. Hong Kong actress Irene wan, 49, for example, in 22 to attend the socialite festival scene, can maintain debutante confessions his skin, is entirely dependent on the micro plastic. Due to long-term hairdressing needle injection, can make the skin moisturizing, shape outline. For micro plastic, Irene wan once was rejected, but with deeper understanding, think injection is very simple, so I fell in love with the micro plastic shape beauty. Guangzhou liwan district people's hospital, experts say, the plastic is not the same as the plastic, it is a need not operation of high-tech medical technology, can make you become beautiful the in a short period of time. Here is to introduce several common micro plastic projects. A, hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is a kind of transparent appearance with the viscosity of colloidal substances, after injection, will merge with the original hyaluronic acid in the body, make the skin expansion, flattening wrinkles, make skin full of elasticity and gloss, fundamentally solve the problem of skin aging, girl let you instantly restore skin. Hyaluronic acid can not only remove all kinds of wrinkles and feng jaw, lips, nose job, butt, etc. , is one of the most common injection hairdressing method at present. Thin face, thin face needle is A model, stars often say role in muscle tissue, commonly used to treat masseter hypertrophy, now is not just limited to here, thin face needle injection can reach the effect of anti-wrinkle, there are tens of millions of people are using it to maintain the beauty. Apart from the above two kinds of micro plastic, and collagen, autologous fat filling project, but by far the most popular is a thin face needle and hyaluronic acid. But what beauty to use needle to maintain the skin beautiful, I want to watch will and the love of beauty is micro experts recommend. However, experts say, no matter use what kind of hairdressing needle injection, in order to ensure the safety and effect, must go to normal public people's hospital. As a national public people's hospital of guangzhou liwan district people's hospital, injection, injection materials, injection technique of qualifications, the doctor level and so on various aspects have very good advantage, but also the Chinese medical association plastic chapter, the only designated as micro plastic base in south China, trustworthy, beauty can rest assured plastic beauty.
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