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Step 6 eyes brush an ornate midwinter

by:Kaisi      2020-05-16
False eyelashes wholesale: Angela baby, according to People's Daily reported the ancestor of young model group type character is Angela baby. Although now young model emerge in endlessly, varied, but there is still no any one can reach the famous degree of baby and beauty. Delicate face and sweet smile, in her smile always makes people feel sweet with heat and slowly. Baby makeup look overall bias sweet style, and the doll big eye makeup and dress up as beauty tool. Emphatically describe eye ministry outline, eye end king-size false eyelash make long eye drop eye makeup is good, innocent feeling looks more baby sweet look of youth. Create bright winter eye makeup, let integral modelling UP immediately! Issued by use of the earth with light color to dark color eye shadow brush color gradation and moving, build perfect fashion stereoscopic eyes! The base of color is choose quietly elegant feeling of pearl eye shadow brush large area in the eye socket. Again with brown eye shadow oblique drawing in eye fold place, let your eyes feel deep and moving. Champagne gold in front of the eye socket eye makeup, to make administrative levels feeling of the color. Choose aureate eye shadow in the eyes of eye head ㄑ fonts to play on. Take a suitable amount of mascara brush by next upgrade from the eyelash root evenly on. With eyelash brush front end will next eyelash brush spikes on it carefully. Gorgeous winter eyes!
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