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Stick a false eyelash small eye instantly

by:Kaisi      2020-05-13
Have a pair of charming eyes is enviable, how can let an eye big, god? False eyelash can change, as long as more false eyelash, big eyes is easy. Step1: first when mm people wear false eyelashes, more comfortable to wear, can be after remove the false eyelash, holding the two end of false eyelash curved move back and forth several times, this will make ShiJia the root ministry of eyelash more soft. Step2: on the market is not fully fit your eyes form false eyelashes, so back to just was being bought fake eyelashes are trimmed to wear, first we need to trim the length of the false eyelash, put false eyelash eyelash compare above, on the inner eye 4 - back 5 mm, eye end can be slightly longer, cut away the extra length. Step3: then when you have to wear, is along the false eyelash root coated with professional glue, you can apply some more at each end of the part, because eye head and eye end are very easy to roll become warped part. Step4: then because of the false eyelash root is very soft and fine, your finger will alone is bad to hold position, recommend the use of professional clip here to assist and make process more get twice the result with half the effort. Remember that post, time to aim at the middle and then to adjust on both sides of the position. Step5: you will find that after post false eyelash, use a pencil to fill the gaps in the eyelashes or revealing to glue marks, which can make of false eyelash root and eyeliner is more harmonious. Step6: if you put up a pair of false eyelash eye shape is not perfect, so you can try to stick two false eyelashes, it will appear more dense, the entire row of false eyelash cut out three small section, choose one a superposition of the poster. Step7: you only need to cut a small piece of false eyelashes, superposition pasted on the eye end, make the tail lashes look more thick. Step8: finally because of true and false eyelash is layered can never happen, if appear statified, MMS volume available eyelash perm light pressure lash, slowly move up, let the true and false eyelash merging stratification.
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