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Suggested that the LIDS remain removed four weeks later

by:Kaisi      2020-05-15
'Beauty cilia' has become a boom, but the solution really is to keep more long more good? 1. The solution from the quality of the products. Product quality pass is the foundation of lasting, but to judge the stand or fall of a box of eyelash and a series of eyelash auxiliary tool cannot solely on durability. The length that itself of eyelash, roughness, curvature, the performance of the glue detergent ingredients and protective essence of composition requires consideration. Accer ding, trade co. , LTD. , long-term commitment to create the best eyelash products, in the process excellence, strictly control product quality, is a collection of research and development, design, production, sales in the integration of professional false eyelash products supplier. 2. Operation method is correct. If just do the solution from a few days off, the most common reason is not cleaned before bifurcate, grafting eyelash eyelash distribution, didn't do it right after grafting eyelash nursing etc. 3. Whether beautiful eyelash after notice to maintain. If do perfect solution does not pay attention to the daily habits and clean and maintenance, it is easy to cause the messy cilia modelling, and lost. The habitual fingers touch the eyelashes, for example, use oily discharge makeup product, etc.
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